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Yes, we are an authorized dealer for every brand that we sell. You can also contact the manufacture to verify that we are a Top Rated Authorized Dealer.

A staggered set of wheels is when the front wheels are more narrow than the rear wheels, thus the rear wheels are wider than the front wheels. A non-staggered set of wheels is when all of the wheels are the same size, front and rear. This is also called a square setup.


Forged, cross-forged, and cast wheels are all different types of wheel manufacturing processes used in the automotive industry, and it is important to understand the difference between them to ensure the right wheel decision for your vehicle. 

Forged wheels are made from a solid block of aluminum or other high-strength materials that are heated and then shaped using a forging press. This process results in a wheel that is very strong and lightweight, with excellent resistance to bending and cracking. Fully-forged wheels are the lightest and strongest wheel manufacturing process but they are also the most expensive. Most of our fully forged wheels also allow for nearly limitless customization options as they are all made-to-order. 

Cross-forged, also called flow-formed, wheels are a variation of forged wheels, where the spokes and barrel of the wheel are cast separately and then attached using traditional forging processes with high heat and pressure. Due to the stretching and compressing of the metal, the cross-forged process results in a wheel that is typically 15-25% lighter than a traditional cast wheel while also increasing its tensile strength. Cross-forged wheels are the best option for someone who is looking for a high-performance wheel without breaking the bank. 

Cast wheels, on the other hand, are made by pouring molten metal into a mold to form the wheel shape. This process is less expensive than forging, but results in a wheel that is heavier and less strong than a forged wheel.

In summary, forged and cross-forged wheels are both made using a forging process, resulting in a stronger and lighter wheel compared to a cast wheel. Modern cast wheels are still very strong and can put up with lots of abuse, but they will be several pounds heavier than a forged wheel. It's important to remember that lighter wheels have less rotating mass which results in greater acceleration, handling performance, breaking efficiency and can even improve your MPG!

Some manufactures have blank wheels meaning they don't have the hub bore or bolt pattern pre-drilled. Blank wheels can then be custom machined to have the offset, hub bore and bolt pattern machined to fit your vehicle perfectly. The benefit of custom machined wheels is that they can be made to fit almost any year, make and model perfectly. This would be considered a special order because they would be custom fitted for your specific vehicle. Lead times for custom machined wheels typically vary anywhere from one week to two months, please contact us to get a more accurate lead time for the wheels you are purchasing. 

Different vehicles and or wheel sizes require different offsets to achieve a perfect flush fitment. The offset refers to the distance between the wheel's centerline and the mounting surface, typically measured in millimeters. Positive offset means the mounting surface is closer to the front of the wheel, while negative offset means it's closer to the rear. Choosing the right offset helps improve handling, stability and overall performance of your vehicle while also achieving a better wheel fitment than your stock wheels. 

An aggressive wheel fitment means that the wheels may stick out past the fenders on your vehicle, and depending on how aggressive the fitment is your vehicle may or may not require other modifications such as stretched tires, fender rolling, camber adjustments, etc. If you're not sure about an aggressive fitment on your vehicle, contact us and we would be glad to help determine the best fitment and any modifications needed!


The bolt pattern refers to the number of bolts used to secure the wheel to the vehicle, as well as the diameter of the circle that the bolts form. It's crucial to select wheels that match your vehicle's bolt pattern, as the wrong pattern can lead to unsafe driving conditions.


The hub bore, or center bore, is the diameter of the circular hole in the center of the wheel. It must match the diameter of your vehicle's hub, which helps to ensure a proper fit and secure connection between the wheel and the vehicle. Many aftermarket wheels are drilled to a larger hub bore to fit many makes and models and may require hub rings which reduces the hub bore size to fit correctly. If the wheels already match your vehicles hub perfectly, then the wheels are hub centric to your vehicle and hub rings are not necessary. We usually supply free hub rings with our wheel orders if it is required for your vehicle.


Concave wheels are a type of wheel design that features a curved or sunken center section, creating a concave shape on the face of the wheel. This design gives the wheel a more aggressive and sporty appearance, and can also help to reduce the overall weight of the wheel without sacrificing strength. Generally, wider wheels with lower offsets have a deeper concave. If you want a staggered fitment, typically the rear wheels would be more concave than the fronts due to the extra width of the rear wheels.

Absolutely, we are adding new wheel brands to the website all the time and keeping existing brands up to date is extremely time consuming. We do our best to add new brands as often as we can but we always have lots of wheels available that are not listed on the site. If you are looking for a wheel not found on our website just give us a call at 949-610-6491 or send us an email to

Most wheels come with 1 year warranty from the manufacturer which covers defects in material and workmanship. Warranties apply only to the original purchaser and are not transferable. Please see the manufacturer's website for complete warranty information before purchase. Any warranty is limited to the manufacture warranty.

Almost all wheels that are not on clearance or discontinued come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Clearance items do not come with a warranty as many times the wheel is being discontinued and is no longer be available and all clearance item sales are final with no returns.
Some manufacturers deal directly with the consumer in handling warranties, but generally Kixx Motorsports will facilitate warranty exchanges. Any warranty claim outcome is at the manufactures sole discretion as Kixx Motorsports offers no warranty expressed or implied.  Please note; that defective products will only be replaced with the exact same product, and cannot be substituted for a different item. Kixx Motorsports is not responsible for any costs associated with the exchange of a warranty item such as shipping to manufacture and shipping back to you, labor charges, time, etc. Any costs associated with the exchange will be the responsibility of the customer. The role of Kixx Motorsports is to only helps in facilitating exchanges because Kixx Motorsports does not manufacture any wheels. 

Kixx Motorsports complies with all U.S. tax laws. At this time, only orders placed within Illinois will be charged sales tax. We do not collect taxes in any other states or countries.

We ship anywhere within the lower 48 Continental United States to the billing address that's connected to your credit card / PayPal account only. We do not ship wheels to Alaska/Hawaii, FPO, PO Boxes or APO addresses because of the size and weight restrictions through the United States Shipping Services. If you need to ship outside of the 48 states please contact us to learn more about options.

All International orders need to be paid by wire transfer only. For all international orders there will be an additional shipping charge, or we ask that you send us your own shipping labels or use a freight forwarder. Please send us your shipping address to receive a shipping quote.

Yes, we will ship to anywhere you wish as long as you make payments by one of the following methods:  wire transfer, check, money order, cashiers check. Please note additional shipping charges may apply. If paying by credit card, we will only ship to the billing address associated with the card to comply with standard U.S. fraud protection. 

We can ship only to the billing address associated with your credit card or the address connected with your PayPal account. If you need to ship to an another address you can contact your credit card company to inform them of the address change, or you can change the address under your PayPal account settings and make sure that address is selected when checking out. When making your online payment remember to choose/click the correct shipping address. 

We will accept any return as long as tires have not been mounted onto the wheels and the wheels have not been mounted onto a vehicle. In some cases, we may allow you to test fit the wheels onto your car to confirm fitment but tires can never be mounted onto the wheels. Once tires are mounted, and/or once the wheels are mounted onto the vehicle, the wheels are considered used and cannot be returned. If you wish to make a return, you must notify Kixx Motorsports within 14 Days of receiving your products. All clearance items and custom made orders have some stipulations (See below for more details). All wheels must be returned in brand new condition and must be packaged as received in the original packaging and must include any accessories received with the purchase. Make sure to keep all packaging!

Please Note: Customer is to have a qualified wheel mechanic verify fitment and test fit all wheels before mounting tires! Kixx Motorsports is not responsible for a mechanic's mistakes.
If Kixx Motorsports made an error on fitment, we will exchange the items or fix any issue free of charge to the customer at the sole discretion of Kixx Motorsports. Please send pictures along with your order number and the fitment issues you are having when contacting us. If there is an issue with your mechanic installing the parts, please provide their contact information so our fitment specialists can reach out to them directly to resolve any issues. Kixx Motorsports will need to verify any issues and may need to speak to the mechanic before any return or correction will be approved. Most installation issues are due to an inexperienced mechanic. 
Please Note: If tires have been mounted or any packaging is missing this would void any return or fitment guarantee policy for any reason and the sale would be final. Some wheel returns will be shipped back to our return processing center and some wheels will be shipped/returned to the manufacture. You must first call to get an "RMA Form" return authorization from us with the correct return shipping address so your return can be processed. If you do not get this authorization you may accidentally ship to the wrong address and we will not know where the wheels have been returned to or who is returning the wheels and the return would be refused/denied. Unless Kixx Motorsports made a fitment error, if the customer wants to return the wheels then all regular return fees will apply; Restocking fees are 25% and all return shipping costs and the initial shipping charges incurred by Kixx Motorsports are non-refundable.
Clearance items: are not returnable and are non-refundable and do not come with a warranty because these wheels are being discontinued and will no longer be available.
Custom made orders: Wheels that are custom built/made to order or semi-custom built wheels which would include machined wheels for custom offsets and/or drilled for bolt patterns or custom color/finish are not returnable and cannot be returned/exchanged for any reason and all these sales are final. Once a custom order is paid in full there cannot be any changes to the order made or cancellations because the wheels will be in the custom machining/build process specifically for your vehicle and your vehicles specifications and cannot be redesigned. Any product that has been altered, modified, or customized for the customer or by the customer is sold as-is and cannot be returned or refunded for any reason. No exceptions. If the customer refuses to sign for wheel delivery on custom made orders they will not be refunded or credited. Customer has 30 days to re-arrange delivery and will need to send Kixx Motorsports pre-paid shipping labels if customer wants wheels. After 30 days the customer releases ownership of wheels and they will be disposed of.

For any fitment guarantee to be valid, the customer needs to send Kixx Motorsports the exact year, make and model of their vehicle and inform us of any modifications that might effect the wheel fitment by email or added to the notes section during checkout. Fitment guarantee is valid only if Kixx Motorsports chooses the wheel specifications, or confirms the correct specifications for your given vehicle. If the customer requests their own wheel specs then there is no fitment guarantee. Some vehicles with an aggressive fitment need to know that modifications may or may not be needed to avoid fitment issues. These modifications are normal for some fitments and would not fall under the fitment guarantee unless specified on the website or product listing. All wheel orders will be reviewed by one of our fitment specialists before shipping. If an order is made for wheels or accessories that do not have a confirmed fitment or may be aggressive, Kixx Motorsports will contact the customer to verify additional details. If Kixx Motorsports is unable make contact with the customer within 48 hours then the order will be cancelled and refunded.


For all additional questions, concerns or issues please contact us for support. If you are contacting us regarding an order that has already been placed please have your order number ready. Kixx Motorsports may be contacted at 949-610-6491 or and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!