F1R Wheels

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F1R Wheels For Sale 

F1R rims provide car owners with a level of customization and performance that’s hard to beat. Likewise, it’s tough to beat Kixx Motorsports when you’re looking for the best selection of F1R wheels for sale at great prices. Offering the right balance between style and speed, F1R wheels are highly sought after by those in the know. When you shop our vast selection of F1R rims for sale, you’ll blaze past the competition and look good while you do it. 

When it comes to F1R wheels, quality and flair are the two words at the top of everyone’s mind. Made from high-quality materials and engineered to provide exceptional control, F1R racing wheels also come in a huge variety of colors, styles and finishes to let you express yourself on the road.

From eye-catching multi-spoke designs to the more traditional, there’s a set of F1R rims to suit just about any preference. They also come in a range of colors including candy-apple red, gold, bronze and more. We even have two-tone options that feature contrasting colors on the rims for an additional touch of panache.

Achieve Top Speed and Style

Stock rims will only take you so far — if you want to get the most out of your vehicle you need to kit it out with aftermarket options like our range of F1R wheels for sale. Not only do their custom designs help you stand out on the street, but their lightweight design delivers superior performance on the track. You’ll feel the difference in acceleration and control when you have these wheels under you, and so will everyone else around you.

Why Buy From Kixx Motorsports?

We’re an authorized F1R dealer, so you can buy with confidence knowing we’re the experts when it comes to these wheels. In addition to our comprehensive expertise, you’ll also experience our convenient online shopping, competitive pricing and delivery right to your door.

There’s no better place to find these rims as well as the best selection of aftermarket parts from the leading manufacturers. If you’re ready to learn more, check out the list of F1R wheels we offer here on this page or reach out to talk to one of our reps.


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