Varro Wheels

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Varro Wheels For Sale

Varro has in-house design and manufacturing. It designs wheels for 19 inches to 22 inches in diameter and widths up to 12 inches. If you’re looking to add some drama or an aggressive edge to your ride, Varro wheels could be a good choice. 

Finishes are mostly gloss black, satin black and titanium, so you can tell Varro rims aren’t for flash. Varro’s style is subtle, understated and powerful — exactly what you need to give your ride a distinctive character.

Whether you’re looking for menacing black alloys for a luxury sedan or a stylish sport rim, Varro has you covered, and is in our inventory of quality aftermarket wheels. We can ship direct to your door anywhere in the lower 48. If you’re further afield, ask what we can do. If you want to know if the wheels or other products will fit your car, just ask.

How Varro Wheels Are Manufactured

While Varro is based in California, it manufactures its wheels at its factory in Taiwan. It uses a spin forging process for the barrel (the center part of the wheel), where heat and pressure bring it to the required dimensions. Working the material this way makes it harder and stronger, which allows thinner and lighter sections.

Reducing unsprung mass improves handling and acceleration, so these wheels are going to give you a performance edge. Plus, as Varro rims are tested and certified to the JWL standard, you know they’ll be safe. To back that up, Varro carries a lifetime structural warranty.

Varro wheels. They look sharp; think what they could do for your car.


All wheels come with a 100% Fitment Guarantee. We take care of all the details for you.
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