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After Delivery!

 To help our customers orders all go smoothly we've added the following important helpful tips!

 After Delivery be sure to go through all the boxes to confirm that there isn't any shipping damage and any accessories ordered have been added are included to be sure all looks great. There's nothing worse than getting to the tire shop to get your new Wheels / Products installed only to find something isn't correct.
If there is something not correct with your order "Do Not install" and leave in boxes and contact Kixx Motorsports so we can correct any issues for you ASP. If wheels have been Mounted with tires there are no returns, no exchanges, no fixes of any kind and this would void any return policy that may apply to your order and sale would be final. Read Return policy for full details.

Even though all wheel mechanics should know to follow "New Wheel Test Fit Procedures" we've all had a bad mechanic once in a while. Be sure to remind the wheel mechanic to verify fitment and to test fit every wheel before mounting tires on wheels or torquing the wheel lugs to vehicle. If tires have been mounted this would void any return policy even if it's the wrong wheel because the wheels can not be resold as new. Your only recourse would be to get reimbursed from the wheel install shop that made the mistake. Kixx Motorsports is not responsible for bad mechanics mistakes for not following test fit procedures. All items we sale require professional installation and not by customer.