OEM Wheel Buy Back Program

OEM Wheel Buy Back Program!

After you purchase and install your new set of wheels and you'd like to sell your original wheels we will purchase your OEM factory wheels and refund you the accepted price from your original order. Please read the following terms for the wheels buy back program.

If you'd like to take advantage of our wheel buy back program please ask for a "Wheel Buy Back Form" before shipping wheels to us. This form will have the shipping address and order information for us to process and credit your account.

When installing your new wheels please have the wheel mechanic remove your tires from your OEM wheels. Please do not ship tires.

After you install your new wheels keep all boxes/packaging from your new wheels to reuse the boxes/padding exc to repack your OEM wheels to ship to Kixx Motorsports.

Your OEM Factory wheels must not be damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

After we receive your OEM wheels we will inspect wheels before offering any refund price. Please allow from 1 to 2 weeks for processing credit/refund.
Refund credit price will be determand by wheel manufacture make, condition ect. The usual price will be aprox fifty% of used resale value.